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Devizes Gas Supplies

Propane Bottles

 3.9kg Propane

6 kg Propane

11kg Propane

19kg Propane

47kg Propane

18kg Fork Lift Gas

We stock and supply a large range of Industrial gases such as: Oxygen, Acetylene, Propane, Agron, Agron/Co2, Butane, Helium, Nitrogen

There are two different options as to how you purchase your gas, a Rental option and a Buying option (variable to which Gas it is that you require).

Butane Bottles

4.5kg Butane

7kg Butane

13kg Butane

11kg Patio Gas

Buy a new Albee Cylinder

Check out our range of Albee Argon, Ar/Co2, Oxygen and Acetylene Bottle to Buy!! Never pay rental or Handling charges again!!   

Weld Ar (Argon) L11

Weld ArMix (Argon Co²) L11

Oxygen L11

Acetylene L11

Nitrogen L11

Weld Ar (Argon) L13.4

Weld ArMix (Argon Co²) L13.4

Rental Cylinders

Devizes Gas Supplies are your local agent for Air Liquide Cylinder Gases

We have a comprehensive range of cylinder gases available through a reliable and

efficient  depot and agency network.

Our Product range includes:
• Welding Mixtures for MIG, ARC, TIG
• Argon
• Carbon Dioxide
• Oxygen
• Acetylene
• Nitrogen

• Helium

For any further information on any of our gasses please do not hesitate to contact our sales team and they will be happy to help you with any of your needs


Disposable Gas Cylinders

C02 - 60Ltr Compressed Gas

Argon/C02 - 60Ltr Compressed Gas

Agron - 60Ltr Compressed Gas

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Information Sheets


AL0839 Albee Weld & Albee Plus Brochure.pdf

Albee Agron/Co2 Bottles

 Albee Oxy/Acet Bottles

Albee Nitrogen Bottles

Rental Welding and Cutting Gases

Albee Oxy-Acet Brochure.pdf